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Important Aspects Of A Products Review Site


There are many products review found on the internet. However, these sites differ regarding honesty and integrity. At first site, many product review sites will look unbiased. However, on further inspection, you might find their real intent is to promote products favorably through affiliate links.


There are several ways that you can assess if a site is genuinely giving consumer oriented products. Some of these methods include:


Who runs the site?


Genuine review sites have a bio page which gives details of the owners of the site ad why they started the site. Most of the available sites for reviewing products are owned by affiliates who pose as honest reviewers. Know more about product review at


Do the reviewers purchase the products themselves?


This is one of the most important factors in determining the integrity of the buyer's guide reviews. If the reviewer did not pay for the product himself, there is a strong proclivity towards giving a biased positive review of the product in question.  If a reviewer pays for the products, there is a higher probability of impartiality and objectivity when reviewing the product.


How many products does the site review?


A site that offers reviews for many products is more likely to be unbiased and neutral as compared to a site which offers reviews for only one product. This is because no one can build a site to review a single product and rate it negatively. In some instances, they may make one or two negative reviews to make it look genuine. Affiliate marketers use single review sites due to search engine optimizations


What do the reviewers say about the product?


A genuine and neutral review sites will have both negative and positive reviews. If ll the reviewers are giving positive feedback and every product is endorsed, then there is a very high probability that the reviewers are not consumer oriented but are serving their interests.


Is the word scam used in the review headline?


Utilizing specific keywords in the title of the site is a perfect method applied by many reviewers who are not genuine to give the impression of shoring up the trust factor. When such a word is used in the headline, the word will reflect what people search when they want to find more about a product. This will eventually direct them to the site.


The above are the critical factors that you should look for when assessing the integrity of a site that reviews products. Visit website to learn more.